Varlion Bourne Summum W


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This is one of the Varlon brand's prides: the Varlion Bourne Prisma W. It is an exceptional racquet in every way. The Bourne Prisma offers an incredible performance thanks to high quality materials and innovations. The teardrop shape makes for a powerful racquet. The balance of the racquet is average, yet allows for great control on every shot. This padel still benefits from the best of Varlion's technologies for a playing comfort that will surprise many. Trust this concentrate of innovation and the knowledge of the Varlion brand.

The specificities of this model come from its aerodynamic Prisma frame. The width of the frame is shaped like a prism and reduces the contact point between the glass and the snowshoe by 90%. In addition, the prism shape reduces the air resistance by 10%.  

 The surface of the racket is rough and the SLICE technology, crossing curved lines on the surface of the racket, allows to put maximum spin on the ball.

The mould of this model comes from the combination of Canon and Avant rackets.

Who is the ideal player for this racket ? 

This padel is designed for the most demanding players. Are you a technical and offensive player? Are you looking for a racquet that will give you power without sacrificing control, all with a comfortable feel? This padel is for you...

Do you play padel regularly and want to add a real edge to your game? Choose this exceptional model!

Weight345-370 g

Profile38 mm





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