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Pascal Box is a patented pressure loader which allows you to restore the regulatory pressure on paddle, tennis and racquetball balls, so you can enjoy every game to the fullest.

You just have to put the balls in Your Pascal Box pressure bottle , close the lid, introduce air with the pump to it the level you want for each sport and wait for that Pascal Box finish their work for you.

It Pascal Box pressurizer is the only one that guarantees a pressure of up to 48 PSI.

Watch video here -https://www.youtube.com/watchviDd2dMzw0NMNM

What is a ball pressure loader?

Do you play paddle, tennis or racquetball? Tired of reaching the path and discovering that the balls do not bounce as you wish ? If you feel identified with this situation, is Pascal box your solution .  As active paddle players as we are, we have experienced the same unpleasant situations as you. Paddleballs which does not bounce well, injuries from bad bounce etc ...

One pressure loads , also known as a print book for paddle, tennis or racquetball balls , is a cylinder in which the balls are inserted to restore its optimal pressure . This pressure change has great benefits since then prolongs the life of the balls , prevents injuries and takes care of the environment . The benefits of the pressure balls Pascalbox


1. Avoid personal injury. A proper boat prevents many injuries.

2. Savings. Extends the life of the balls.

3. Respect for the environment. Less rubber, less pollution.

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