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This is the flagship model. A paddle court designed for clubs seeking excellence in their facilities. Self-supporting structure for easy installation and possible future change of location. A special feature is the double screw mounting in the glass frame, for increased resistance due to the impact in this area and to comply with CTE. No need for anchoring; so the path can be used for temporary setups around events.


Come and try the courses in Moss where all the models are mounted at


The design of the handrail provides great stability, as each column adds reinforcement to provide optimal wind and impact resistance, according to CTE. A special feature of this construction is the electro-welded mesh framed in PDS pipes, to cover all protrusions and prevent problems during play.


* Frame with 80x40x2mm tube. Each frame has 2 x 250x100x10mm planes with 3 x 16mm goles for anchoring, with triangular rectangle plastered plate. Window support phrases have double bolts. Welded Mesh Dimensions 50x50x4, all ends have protective cores to avoid damage. Tube tubes 40x40x2mm at 1 and 2 meters to prevent


* Padel track consists of 18 modules glass 10mm with polished edges with folded edge flat and shiny,
which must be perfectly adjusted and the flatness must be optimal 14 with a dimension of 1995x2995 m 66
holes and 4 measures 1995x1995 mm 4 holes. The glass must be in accordance with UNE-EN 12150-2: 2005 Glass in buildings and UNE-EN 12543-2: 2011011
Synthetic grass

* Turfgrass, model MONOFILAMENY ADVANCE Green or blue blue recommended indoorsrs))
* Including silicon sand 3500 kgg)
Lighting importantg)

* Lighting poles 80x80x3mm tubes.

* Set of 8x 200W LED projectors, especially important with high quality lamps is low maintenance.d).


Recommended for:
* For indoor and outdoor installations.

Mondo grass - green or blue.


So why Arctic paddle courts?

Courses mounted in Norway all models came to try / look at the quality - IMPORTANT!G!
Arcitc Padel can offer you full service.
Each model is designed to meet different needs and requirements transport, aesthetics, players, public requirements ....)
Help in sports management, our experience with our clubs.
Has its own factory
Arctic's international experience began in 2016 and is today Norway's leader.
Climate must be taken into account, this can Arcitc, which has padel courts installed throughout the Nordic region and is Norway's largest padel court supplier.



Can be upgraded with:

Mondo Monofilament STX ............... kr.7000 extra per lane

Mondo Monofilament Curly WPT .... kr. 12,000 extra per lanee



The price per lane includes transport and installation with the purchase of 3 lanes

When buying fewer tracks, transport and installation will be NOK 25,000


More courses - ask for price!

When buying several lanes, extra glass and light are included.

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