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There is some equipment that paddle players probably neglect the most - grips. The truth is that many recreational paddle players do not even know how to replace a grip, even though it is super easy! This is because they rarely do it themselves.

Why Would You Care To Change Grip Grip improves performance. Paddle technique requires you to have a firm grip, but not to squeeze the racket handle too tightly. You need to allow space for movement and have a relatively relaxed grip. This is impossible to achieve if the grip is slippery. What happens is that if a ball hits the rocket head outside the center, the whole racket will spin in your hand. Result Wrong or poor return at best. In addition, you will get blisters on your hand due to this unwanted slipping of the racket handle while playing.r.

This is where grips come in handy, they have different properties such as moisture absorption, cushioning and tackiness, all designed to improve performance on the pitch.

There is really no reason for you to skip replacing abusers as they are much cheaper than paddle balls for example, but they make so much difference.

Recreational player
If you are a regular recreational player who plays paddle from one to four hours a week, you should change grips on a weekly basis. Even if you do not play that much in a given week, you should still change your grip. As soon as you pack a new grip on your racket, it starts to lose its properties. Stretching a thin grip and exposing it to air and moisture will surely affect it. Although it may look good, you are much better off changing it regularly. You can get hold of packs of dozens, and consider making it a habit to change them at the end of each week.

If you play paddle several times a week, consider changing abusers at least twice a week. This is especially important if you enjoy playing local club tournaments and league matches. You will use your grips much faster at this speed and the level of the paddle, so you need to change them first.

A good trick to get you to change grips regularly is to buy them in white or other bright colors. They get dirty quickly, as a reminder that they need replacement.

Aspiring pro
If you are a junior or aspiring pro, training 6 days a week, you should consider changing your overall at least 3-4 times a week. Players at this level train at least 4 hours a day, and this type of training means that grip quickly loses effect. If we add the warm climate factor, sweat will accelerate the process where your grip worsens. It's amazing how much a new grip can improve your game.

Pro player
The truth is that the pros change the grip all the time. They do it before each session. You must have noticed that the pros have changed grips between sets or all few games. In preparation for a match, the pros have fresh abusers on all their rockets in the tennis bag. Even if they did not use a particular rocket before, grips are likely to be replaced.

Change grips regularly
Grips are affordable, and all paddle players should change them at least once a week. Grips cost much less than balls, but they can significantly affect the game and improve the experience and comfort of the racket. If you have never thought seriously about grips, now is the time to make regular grip replacement a habit. Your body and your mental game will thank you for it!t!

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