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As a world-leading paddle brand, Bullpadel also produces paddle developed only for paddle. This brand new paddle shoe has a sole that is 100 developed for paddle and which is not based on traditional gravel tennis soles. The sole is divided in two with one half consisting of "stopping points" and the other with a herringbone-like pattern for the type of selica sand found on paddle courts regardless of grass type. This paddle shoe has a special sole that is developed based on movement patterns that are common in paddles with a lot of depth movements and jumps on both smash and bandeja. The shoe is also equipped with specially designed rotation zones, ROTAX, and is therefore better adapted to the movement patterns that are typical of paddle players, and that the player can rotate easier and faster at, for example, corners. The outer fabric is made of a weave that is flexible which makes the shoe easier to adapt to the foot while improving the transport of moisture. Shock-absorbing material made of EVA and phylon in the sole and with reinforced shock-absorbing in the heel with BP Fluid. Extra reinforcement in the toe for better durability. Insole of Ortholite Available in numbers 40-46.6.

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