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Our paddle courtsis designed under the Spanish and international Padel Federation's technical specifications, in accordance with the sports facility's regulations NIDE 2004. Our courses have been used and are used by WPT for several years.T.

We have differentmodels, designed for both outdoor and indoor use, design as desired, designed for spectator friendliness and durability.

Arctic Padel Inc. has professionals in industry and design, both for the production and installation of paddle courts.

A little about our paddle courts

Arctic Padel Inc. adapts to your needs and develops all kinds of components and spaces needed to improve your facilities. From shops inside your own club, enclosures for the café area and decorative or functional components such as benches or area dividers.

We recommend using uncolored tempered glass with a thickness of 10-16 mm. However, the thickness of the wind pressure that it must withstand or the type of course ordered depends on the Technical Building Code CTE, as well as whether the course is indoor or outdoor. Laminated safety glass with a thickness of 8 8 mm and 10 10 mm can also be used, but in this case the glass cannot be drilled.res.

A paddle tennis court consists of 18 squares with flat glass with polished flat corners and nailed, shiny edges that are correctly adjusted and optimally mounted together. 14 with a dimension of 2x3 m 6 counter-bores and 4 measuring 2x2 mm 4 counter-bores.er).

The panes must not touch each other or any metal component or be supported directly on the ground; they must always be connected to the structure by means of stainless steel screws, and separated from other panes by PVC or plastic conical sheaths, while being supported on soft surfaces such as neoprene. The glass must comply with standard UNE-EN 12150- 2: 2005 Glass in buildings and UNE-EN 12543-2: 2011


Who are our customers

Our customers are in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Among other things, we have delivered and installed in Drammen, Halden, Drøbak, Trondheim, Ølen, Stord, Strømstad, Copenhagen, Egersund and Moss.

What does Drammen Padel, Daniel Picard say


June 1, 2019
Artic Padel has given us the best of paddle courts and service. We are the proud owners of Drammen Padel, which must have been the fastest established paddle center ever. Thanks Arctic Padel, Johnny Gravfort and Fredrik Ask.

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